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hitomi furuya @ LJ [entries|friends|calendar]
hitomi furuya @ LJ

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h i t o m i
hitomi used to be a model in her early teens (she got into a "high-leg club") and her talent was discovered by the famous producer Tetsuya Komuro in 1994. The first two singles didn't do well but then CANDY GIRL (1995) became a successful hit. Nearly all the singles that followed met big success. hitomi and Komuro split in 1999. She continued on being a solo artist and despite a break in 2003 she stayed in the spot light. Throughout her career she released a total of 32 singles, 9 original albums, 3 compilations, 12 DVDs and 3 photobooks. Adored for her one of a kind voice, bright personality and stylish look hitomi definitely is one of Japan's top female singers.

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[Sep, 25th 9:51pm]

07-hitomi\13-ayumi hamasaki\12-boa kwon\51-dbsk/tohoshinki\23-yeonhee\121-boys over flower korea)+cast\11-shining inheritance/brilliant legacy\01-family outing\05-jdrama(osen,atashinichi no danshi)\04-jay chou\10-rainie yang\02-danson tang\02-wu chun\02-candy rain(c-movie)\total:264icons

click for more icons
members-locked in a week.please join koikon if you can't see the post.
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9 hitomi Icons ♥ [Jul, 6th 12:43pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

6 ❚ Utada Hikaru
9 ❚ hitomi
2 ❚ Koda Kumi
2 ❚ Bonnie Pink
2 ❚ Hayley Williams (paramore)
2 ❚ 80kidz

8 ❚ Group
4 ❚ Kurama
2 ❚ Kuwabara
1 ❚ Hiei
1 ❚ Yusuke
1 ❚ Karasu

5 ❚ Misc.



here @ my journal ^^

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OHP update [Jun, 25th 11:56am]


New OHP is beautiful. I cropped background to simple wallpapers.
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[Apr, 2nd 11:17am]

Hi, new person to this comm! Actually, I've just been lurking a lot but yeah

According to my news source, hitomi is releasing a new single and new album relatively soon!

The single is called WORLD! WIDE! LOVE! and it's being released on the 20th of May.
Likewise, the album is called LOVE LIFE 2 and it's being released on June 10.

She had a live concert on March 29 and apparently sang two new songs during it: ココロの草原 and 探し続けてたもの (unless I'm reading the article wrong, haha)

So yeah, just your little daily dose of hitomi. :)
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27 hitomi icons [Mar, 15th 12:18pm]

027 ★ hitomi
017 ★ alan
015 ★ capsule
012 ★ Utada Hikaru
011 ★ WaT
010 ★ Maki Goto
009 ★ Tommy february6
008 ★ Neil Patrick Harris
006 ★ Perfume
005 ★ Buono!
004 ★ Berryz Koubou (Natsuyaki Miyabi)
003 ★ Shimatani Hitomi 
more @ purastikkubeibi 
post is locked in 12 hours, consider joining if late or if you like them!
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hitomi cover scans [Dec, 4th 12:39am]
does anyone where to find HQ cover scans? ever since theppn went down, it's hard to find them.

thank you!
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OHP update! [Oct, 12th 11:43am]

OHP goes flash! Here some pics.

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One more request.... [Oct, 4th 11:49pm]

[ mood | creative ]

this time it's request from me.

I always wanted to have hitomi on my wide desktop "unstretched" so, could you please upload some of her new photos(like from her new website) in high quality (if applicable), so you'll see wide-screen users troubles go away BECAUSE I"LL MAKE WIDE HITOMI WALLPAPER!!!!!!

Though I am grundge-style-artist XD

Anyways, please help!

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Request~ [Sep, 9th 1:26am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I was wndering if anyone would be nice enough to hook me up with hitomi's TRAVELER album. I can't find it anywhere, and I'd really like to hear it. Megaupload really started screwing with me recently, so I'd like to avoid going there, if possible.

Thanks in advance.

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74 i-cons [Jul, 15th 2:39pm]


x21 ayumi hamasaki
x7 koda kumi
x7 anna tsuchiya

x7 hitomi
x6 jolin tsai
x5 leah dizon

look,enjoy,take,comment,CREDIT,DO NOT REMAKE,DO NOT HOTLINK

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scans [Jul, 1st 8:55pm]

credit to miyalumix


under cutCollapse )
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Hitomi Peace Layout [Jun, 30th 4:32pm]

I fell in love with this pics when I first saw it, and had to make a layout. This layout is very colorful. So you know enjoy!

Also is some themed icons, a friends only banner and a userinfo banner i am currently using as mine. I am also posting all of the OLD layouts I use to have. So if you like Kuu and Ayu and Morning Musume look out.

This layout may been seen at icon_unique

Join pockyicons for other graphics and layouts.

Want your own layout?
Make requests HERE

*please do not request if you cannot wait. I skip all over the layout requests.*

*please credit purebliss4me or pockyicons

(click the cut for the codes, icons, and banners)
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CD Cover [Jun, 27th 1:00pm]

This is the last of the hitomi CD covers I did. She has so many good songs that it is fun to mix them up, and the new sequences really change the feel. So, because of hitomi, I bought an iPod, which never leaves my side. I make playlists for other artists I like, but rarely change them. I make new playlists for hitomi all the time.

Front Cover, Inside Tray, Back Cover, Disc.
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CD Cover [Jun, 27th 12:30pm]

Most of the songs for this collection were taken from Traveler, which no one else in this group seems to like. But I did!

Front Cover, Inside Tray, Back Cover, Disc.
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CD Cover [Jun, 27th 1:44am]

Here is another of the hitomi collections I made. Some of my friends have called this one depressing, but I like it.

Front Cover, Inside Tray, Back Cover, Disc.
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CD Cover [Jun, 26th 12:49pm]

This is the first cover I made when I started collecting hitomi songs. The front was actually a record album cover that showed up on google when I typed in hitomi. So I redrew it, and designed the rest around it. Since then I've gotten most of her CDs, and that cover isn't on one of them.

Front Cover, Inside Tray, Back Cover, Disc.
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CD Cover [Jun, 25th 1:38pm]

Here is a CD cover I did for some of my favorite hitomi songs.

Front Cover, Inside Tray, Back Cover, Disc.
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SEXY (DUB) [Jun, 17th 12:13pm]

I find it somewhere in internet a long time ago. This is SEXY single, but with DUB version of the song, which not in official discography. Does anyone know where from this version?

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Woo [Jun, 12th 1:51pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

So, I bought Nightmare Detective off of half.com for only $3!!! Plus shipping it was only $5... hopefully you guys know that's a movie in which Hitomi plays a starring role... well, I watched it and it was awesome! I was expecting the worst, but she is definitely a good actress and the movie is fun to sit through, though you really need to be in the right mood to watch it. Hurray for DVD domestication!

I also bought her Love Life Style photobook, and the Love Life one that was published around when thermoplastic came out... I'll try and make scans, but the binding's pretty tight, I wanna be careful with it...

Also, I'm selling a copy of her "Candy Girl" single... I somehow ended up with 2, and I need to get rid of the extra one... if anyone's interested, please make an offer. I will be shipping from Atlanta, Ga. My e-mail is amethystcitrine@gmail.com

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Hello [Jun, 8th 7:30pm]

It seems very strange that I am so much older than everyone else that I see here, but hitomi has been one of my favorite artists since 2002.

Name: Don Moore
Age: 46
Country: United States
Favorite hitomi song: Over The World
Favorite hitomi video: There Is... (but I have only seen some of her videos on YouTube)
Fav J-artists: hitomi, The Brilliant Green, Cune (what little I have heard), The Pillows
Hobbies: Drawing, Martial Arts, Comic Books & Soccer

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