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So, I bought Nightmare Detective off of for only $3!!! Plus shipping it was only $5... hopefully you guys know that's a movie in which Hitomi plays a starring role... well, I watched it and it was awesome! I was expecting the worst, but she is definitely a good actress and the movie is fun to sit through, though you really need to be in the right mood to watch it. Hurray for DVD domestication!

I also bought her Love Life Style photobook, and the Love Life one that was published around when thermoplastic came out... I'll try and make scans, but the binding's pretty tight, I wanna be careful with it...

Also, I'm selling a copy of her "Candy Girl" single... I somehow ended up with 2, and I need to get rid of the extra one... if anyone's interested, please make an offer. I will be shipping from Atlanta, Ga. My e-mail is
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